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Microsoft's HoloLens Could be Incredible for NFL Football Fans


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Even if gaming isn't your thing, Microsoft has plenty of other cool plans for the future of HoloLens. Their latest concept should have most NFL Football fans salivating. Microsoft just held a panel for developers to brainstorm ideas to create an interactive experience for NFL fans, and the results are mind-blowing.

The panel was called, "The Future of Football: How Technology Could Shape the Next 50 Years of the Game," and the developers came up with several exciting ideas using HoloLens to make Football even more fun. One idea they are working on is giving users the ability to see a 3D hologram of the field so you can see it from multiple angles. Another one of the ideas put forth by the panel is an interactive viewpoint changer designed to give fans a better look at what is going on in different areas of the stadium that you can't see on a regular TV screen.

Of course, since this is a 3D holographic interface, it is also a computer interface, so that means a HoloLens NFL game session can include Fantasy scores updated in real-time without having to look at other screens. The description sounds cool, but you will really get a better picture by watching the Microsoft demo video in the thread below. NFL Football and HoloLens could be a match made in sports-fan heaven!

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Can you imagine how expensive NFL league pass would be? Or just how expensive Cable will be? Or if we'll even have cable then?