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Microsoft HoloLens Videos Show Off Fixed, Floating AR & VR HD Displays


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While the above acronym laden title is a nightmare to my editorial sensibilities, it is still quite accurate. A couple of amazing video demos have been shared for Microsoft's HoloLens technology. You can see the videos in the thread below.

Both videos show off the same thing, but in two different ways. The videos demonstrate that the HoloLens can create a virtual High Definition TV/Display. This virtual display is also AR (Augmented Reality) because it appears to float in the air inside of whatever room you are using the device. Not only that, but you can resize the display to over 100 inches (depending on the room size).

Furthermore, this VR/AR display can be pinned to a point in space so that it appears to be fixed. The display can then playback movies and TV shows, or you can even play video games on it. The first video shows off Netflix running on this faux TV monitor, and the second video shows off the user playing Halo 5 on it.

Both of these artificially created displays are completely interactive with pinch and gesture commands. For now, these are just video demo examples of the future possibilities of the HoloLens tech. We can't wait to see how quickly this comes to the retail market.

We do know that developer versions of the HoloLens will be coming out later next year, but will have a hefty $3,000 price tag for those willing to develop for it.

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I personally have had a opportunity to use Hololens at Microsoft HQ and I cant wait for everyone to see what I have seen!!