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Minecraft draining battery...


Has anyone else noticed a large drain on the battery. Currently I am lucky if I get 2 hours out of the battery. It is probably more like an hour to hour and a half.
I believe it is due to the fan running the entire time.
Watching video via hdmi cable on a TV usually gets about 4 hours of run time.


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Hmm, sounds like a health optimization. Excessive sitting is very bad for your health. After two hours of Minecraft you should get up and move around for an hour to recharge. :)

Would this be on Windows 10 by chance??? Maybe W10 November and post November updates will improve the power optimization, there's still a lot of functions being finished and optimization usually follows finish work.

Obviously some workloads use more power than others. There might be some tweaks you can do to Minecraft to lighten the load but everything is a tradeoff.

Or just get out in the fresh air. ;)