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mini DP doesn't work


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Hi All,
I have a cheap mini DP to HDMI converter, I bought from the ebay couple of weeks ago. After the last windows update, just stop working. No signal at all on the hooked up screen. Has anyone the same symptom? Do you have any advice what can I check?Thx


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Had some problems with an Apple DP-VGA adapter - the Microsoft Surface pro DP-VGA adapter works perfekt.
Well, I'm in the middle of gearing up for thsi; I'm going fro micro dp to micro hdmi. We'll see how that goes. Now you've got me scared.


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I use a Mini DP to Full DP adapter to which I then connect my Full DP to HDMI cable and that continues to work flawlessly.


I've used several mini dp to hdmi and mini dp to vga, all bought online from Amazon. Only one mini dp to vga was intermittent on one Pro. Sometimes it helped to swap cables and adapters and reboot the system between connections. All working on both machines as of now, thank God.