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SD Card problem


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Just upgraded to Windows 10 on my sp3. Getting used to it but it appears there are similar problems I encountered when I first got my sp2. One of them is that my SD card keeps dismounting. In device manager it then appears with the yellow exclamation mark. Removing and reinsert mounts it again. This is a pain as it mucks up my OneDrive setup. The same card worked fine under win 8 and was my 'permanent' additional storage and never had to be removed.

Anyone else with similar issues or suggestions?




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The only time I've had that issue was when I had an SD card that was about to "die" It started having intermittent issues like this, then one day it just died. My experience may be different than yours, however, I'd suggest you back up that data just in case.
Been running W10 for months on an SP3 with no SD card issues. I would look at the properties on the device showing the error in Device Manager and try reloading the driver. Or delete the offending device and then do a HW scan to re-find it.