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Mobile calls via Surface?


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Does anyone know if there are any apps or possible way to make calls through my mobile phone from my surface (Pro 4)?

I don't want to use Skype or any VOiP (Calls need to appear on my itemised bill), just tethered to my mobile phone and using the mobile network.

My context is that I'm working on the surface as a laptop with a CRM database and would like to copy/paste numbers into a calling app and talk to the customer (using headset plugged into surface) Without having to keep picking up and dialing the phone.



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Yes, there are applications you can use. Search for "Computer telephony" or "PC telephony".

Read reviews carefully, so you can tell a phony. ;)


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Thanks, I tried that though; In the Windows Store I only get a couple of apps to watch Iranian 'tele'... :/


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Skype for Business supports what you are trying to do but will still dial from your cell phone. If you go with the higher SKU that supports Enterprise Voice you can get an actual number.


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... In the Windows Store I only get a couple of apps.../
You are not restricted to only applications (apps) from the Windows Store for Surface or Windows 10. You may still run desktop applications (programs), so search widely and carefully.
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