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Modem and Wireless Router


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For the Hotel issue, put the Router in AP mode and you'll still get the landing page....

and will he actually be able to do that with out having a wired connection to his Router? going from AP to Router and Router to AP has required more than one user to do a "reset" to regain access to their router. I'd also switch off any auto firmware update. Does the Surface RT os even support a "static" IP address? on my surface pro 2 there are not a lot of settings for the AVSTAR 350N Wi-Fi adapter. one really needs to dig to find out how to enable 40 Mhz channels and beam forming.


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All the OP needs to do is plug the RJ-45 cable that is in the room to the Travel Router and the Surface RT/2 will get an IP address as normal. If it needs a Static IP it can be set via the Alternate Configuration Tab on the IPv4 in Network Card Properties.


Thanks for the tip regarding the static IP address setting. What I am planning to do is to test the router connectivity while I am still here in Alberta, CA before I travel to get acquainted with the router settings. I have the Surface 2 alreday connected to my home network without any issue. Worst case scenario, if it does not work in the hotel room, the hotel web site state that they have public WiFi hotspots in several locations that I probably will be able can use to access the web.


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OP is using the Surface RT which will take as much work to function as a travel router as you have to trick the drivers to install. I purchased a travel router, go to Amazon and Search Travel Router, pick one that is 120/240 so that you can use the appropriate adapter to plug it in.

Here is an idea:

Amazon.com: TP-LINK TL-WR702N Wireless N150 Travel Router,Nano Size ,Router/AP/Client/Bridge/Repeater Modes ,150Mpbs, USB Powered: Computers & Accessories

Did you use this in your travels in Asia? Also, is there one which can use 3G networks in Asian countries? It would be nice instead of trying to pair a phone with the Surface as that pairing business kills the phone battery.

Edit: There is one by the same manufacturer, but the reference is to 3/4G dongles. What I want to do is to capture the 3G connection from my phone on this device and then have the Surface connect to the device.
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