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Modern UI - Accessing Open Apps with a Mouse


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I just wanted to confirm that this is normal behavior as it seems a little odd to me.

When using a mouse on an SP3 in the Modern UI, to access open apps, you place the mouse in the upper left hand corner and then get the following:

Windows shows the last application used in the upper left and then has small outlines for the remaining open apps. If you want to access one of the remaining apps, you must keep the cursor pressed up against the left hand side of the screen and then drag it down about 2 cm to display all the open apps as if you'd swiped in from the left on your screen.

It just seems to me that placing the cursor in the upper left corner of the screen ought to be equivalent to sliding your finger in from the left. I'm not sure why it has to be done in two steps with the mouse.

Is it supposed to work this way or is my SP3 acting strangely?

Edit: I'm not sure why the image isn't showing up. I placed it in OneDrive and then selected Share. It created a link, which I then pasted into the dialog box after clicking on the Image button in the editor here. Did I do something wrong or miss a step along the way?


Mouse = Corners
Touch = Edges

This is the simple rule for Win 8 on touch devices.

Yes, the functionality is different in other minor ways as well. With touch, to see recent apps, you slide in and then come back toward the edge before releasing. With the mouse, you start down while hugging the edge.

I like that you can right-click with the mouse to close open apps!



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Great! Thanks for the reply, BobG. I just wanted some reassurance that this was normal behavior and by design.


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I have a phobia against posting anything like photos directly from the cloud. I always copy what I want to paste to my desktop first. Now with this forum, I tried to copy and paste a photo into my post and that didn't work. So I tried the "Upload a File". After the file got uploaded it showed a thumbnail and than asked me if I wanted to use a thumbnail or full picture. I always choose thumbnail because I think it would make the post huge if I didn't. Even the thumbnails or a pretty good size that I really wouldn't classify as a thumbnail. That's my two cents on posting photos here on the forum.

Also for what it's worth, I like to use the alt-tab (if you have a keyboard) to access one of several apps that I might have open. I'm like Frank and usually close apps when I think I'm finished with it but occasionally if I'm rushing to do things, I don't close them. BTW, Microsoft pushes these SP3s to be able handle a lot of apps opened at once. If you do, you should take a look at task manager once in awhile and see how much of the CPU & Memory they are taking up.