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momentarily freezing up with external mouse


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Hi all

When surface is detached from my dock, running on battery with surface keyboard attached and also wireless Logitech USB mouse - I experience issue with surface momentarily freezing up in intervals.

No issues if its on its own with surface keyboard and also works fine when its docked with various peripherals attached including same wireless Logitech USB mouse.

Any idea?


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Have you attempted to use your Logitech Mouse with a different machine to see if it's possibly the mouse (Drivers, Software, Hardware) that might be causing this issue? Have you rebooted the machine after disconnecting it from your DOCK to see if the random freezing still continues?

Have you had an opportunity to check your "Device Manager" to see if you have any errors when connected / disconnected from the Docking Station? While in the Device Manager, you can also attempt to update the mouse drivers to see if this eliminates the problem.
One last thing to try, and this one actually happened to customer the other day, - Change the battery in the mouse.

Hope this helps.