1. K

    Windows 11 and Snip/Whiteboard

    I've used surfaces for years for instructional and meeting settings in the engineering world. My most common use case is (was) grabbing a full screen snip into the whiteboard for analysis, calculations, lecturing, drawing, etc. It was awesome to at any moment be able to click a pen/stylus...
  2. R

    Surface Pen stopped working but the eraser works.

    Hi everyone. So I have a Surface Pro 8 I got for my birthday and it works like a charm. I have a Slim 2 Pen I use for drawing and today, while I was drawing, the pen just stopped working which was weird. It just stopped in the middle of drawing. The pen battery is in the 90's and it's paired...
  3. B

    Photoshop zoom and free transform activated when using pen

    I was drawing in the latest version of Photoshop using the pen and the keyboard folded over. Sometimes when using the pen, zoom is activated and the image zooms in. Sometimes the free transform tool is activated and the drawing rotates. I haven't figured out what's causing this. Are there...
  4. S

    Surface Pen tip doesn’t work but I can move the cursor with the top button

    I got the latest surface pen from my friend (4 or 5 I'm not sure, the one without the clip) and Surface pro 7 i5. Its tip doesn't work. I can move the cursor with the top eraser button, and when paired and connected, the button works well. Things I tried: - unpair and pair back, - change the...
  5. B

    Surface Pen pen tip unresponsive

    Hi. My pen (with Surface pro 7) is functional with the eraser button, but completely unresponsive with the pen tip. I can't write or scroll with the pen tip, but I can erase, open programs, and scroll using my finger. I have restarted, updated, and disconnected/reconnected everything. I have...
  6. H

    Surface pen usage

    Help, I’ve got a problem. When I want to use my pen in Office 365 Word on my Surface, I first have to select a pen. When done writing (and wanting to scroll or zoom) I first have to unselect pen. Otherwise I apply ink with my fingers. When starting to write again, same procedure. In trying to...
  7. R

    Surface Pro Pen Pressure Resets to Default

    Greetings, I am hoping somebody here might know to keep my Surface Pen pressure set to 3 and from resetting back to default every so often at what appears to be random times. Thanks
  8. R

    Solved Pen/Stylus not working after upgrade to Win 10 1903

    I inherited an SP4 without power supply or pen/stylus. I purchased a replacement power supply and pen. The power supply works great. The pen worked at first, but when I upgraded the SP4 to Win 10 1903 (from 1703) the pen stopped working. The pen is a generic pen, probably from China and when it...
  9. L

    Pen lag/deadzone on Surface pro 2017 in Zbrush

    Hi there, I bought the Surface Pro 2017 i7 8GB model a couple of days ago primarily for Zbrush (3D sculpting software) with the use of the surface Pen. Everything seems to work other that this problem: When i place the pen tip on the screen there seems to be a small zone of about 3mm around...
  10. R

    Need help with pen

    Hi, I have noticed that when I place pen close to the screen that cursor shows up and it is following my pen even tho I am not touching the screen with the pen. Is it possible to disable this since it is weird to draw like that. I want only for pen to draw when I actually touch the screen with...
  11. I

    Pen connected but not working HELP!

    Hello! I was wondering is someone could help me? My surface pen does not work, it is connected because Bluetooth said it is paired and when I double tap the purple button it goes to notes but I can't write, tap or scroll with the pen! I've tried the steps stated (Restart - Repair pen - even run...
  12. S

    Recent windows update Pro4 - Pinch to zoom and Pen in Onenote stopped working.

    A recent update caused on-screen pinch to zoom and my surface pen to stop working. Pinch to zoom and the pen work in every other app. Has anyone else seen this?
  13. P

    Pro 4 Pen in photoshop double tap to use

    about a week ago the pen in photoshop CC started to pan rather than act as a brush, I have to double tap to enable to select, or brush Works fine in Lightroom, etc... Anyone experiencing this with a fix?
  14. M

    2 separate pens won't ink on SP3

    Is what it sounds like. A few weeks ago, my Surface Pro 3 stopped recording input from the surface pen from the pen tip at all. No tracking, no ink, basically records no input from the pen tip, generally, on-screen as well as within programs including Paint 3D and OneNote. However, the pen...
  15. H

    Part came off of Surface 4 Pen? Does it matter?

    Using this image as an example. Not the right click button, but the other rectangular part that's on the dark gray side. This popped up and seems to have been held on with a cheap adhesive and a magnet. Does this matter? Does it make any difference if it's attached? Should I... Should I just...
  16. A

    Drawing in Illustrator

    The problem is, I can't get sharp edges on brushes when I draw with my pen directly on my screen. I get these round edges and after a few hours fighting with the brush settings I finally realised that the sharp edges are possible but you need to add some black magic and sorcery. As you can see...
  17. J

    Problems again with Surface Pen

    Hi, In the past I had problems with my Surface Pro 2017 and the new Surface Pen: Erase button click doesn't open Windows Ink I managed to solved them by deleting the pen from the bluetooth devices and reinstall it while pressing the pen's erase button. Last week I put the Surface on flight...
  18. A

    Scrolling with pen

    I swear i've seen the option to turn off the scrolling with pen somewhere but i cant find it now :/ I cant drag layers on Manga Studio 5 because the pen wants to scroll the panel instead of dragging the layer! This update starting to give me more problems than its worth!!
  19. D

    Flipped orientation - Pen offset (Bug)

    I use my Surface Book (non Performance Base) for a while and I started to use the pen. I noticed a very annoying thing: When I use the book in the flipped mode (Picture), there is an noticable offset between pen and cursor (around a half cm, cursor more right). In normal orientation the offset...
  20. G

    pen working with same gaps

    Hi everybody, I've been using my surface pen happily for a long time. About two weeks ago however, the pen started to work intermittently: as soon as I lift the pen from the display it stop working for several seconds and I have to wait moving the pen over the diplay until I see it starts to...