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Movie player locks up and stops respoding


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Hi, I own a Microsoft Surface RT and have had nothing but trouble with it since day one. Starting to regret spending the amount of money on it that I did. Through the dozens of Windows updates, there still always seems to be a new or reoccuring problem. The latest is the built in movie player app. I can load a movie no problem via the internal hard drive or a plugged in external hard drive and it plays just fine. However, if I am to pause the movie for any length of time, even just a few seconds, when I click play again the sound and video seem to get off from each other and either the video will remain paused while the audio continues or the video will fast forward ahead for some unknown reason while the audio remains normal. Is there a third party movie player app anyone recommends? Getting really frustrated, should be able to at least watch movies on a tablet.


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Does it happen to a specific file or all your files? I have one badly encoded video file, and it does not play perfect but not as bad as you described. It does not matter if I use Photo Viewer(yes, it can play video), Video app, Media Monkey, or PowerDVD Mobile. It doesn't play well.

All my recorded DVD media processed by Handbrake does not present a problem to any of the video players on my Surface RT. Heck, even my $60 generic Android device powered by a $7 All Winner A10 processor play them well.