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Movies noticeably lag when played in default video player.


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When i upload a movie (avi format) to my surface and played it, it showed noticeable lag in the video playback, but not in the sound. Does anyone know how to solve this? I looked it if my cpu was maxing out, and it was hardly straining.



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Since avi is just a container for video-format, do you know more details about the used video (Xvid, Dixv,...). What video-app did you use? Is your surface up to date?


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I have Girlfriend Experience in AVI format in my external hard drive. I am playing it in snapped view, full view, and filled view and I can't replicate your issue. I do have the latest Patch Tuesday updates.


BTW, have you tried watching the movie using Picture Viewer, and not xbox video? It works perfectly fine for me also.
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There is something up with the Microsoft Video viewer. Recently a couple of AVIs stopped playing while the audio kept going, same video at different locations. Same videos play without issue in 3rd party apps.


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I have noticed a slight performance issue in the default player, which is why I use Multimedia 8 to play movies.