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Music and Video indexing?


For some reason, my videos and music stopped loading new songs/vids. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling video and music apps, but they stop at some point. I tried to rebuild the index, and that doesn't work either. Is there a limit in how much music and videos will show up in the those 2 apps. Now I'm resorting to have to open file which is not a good solution. Any ideas?


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I assume this is on the SD card. What did you use to reference the files, Junctions or Mounted Volumes?

My long term experience is that on mounted volumes, it sometimes stops, but can be fixed by a re-index.


yes its on a SD card. I used a junction. Seemed my music app corrected it self, there was a top right info sync error that appeared on the music app. I tapped it and it's alright now. However, now the movie app is the one that is left...
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