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Music app (aka xbox music) update 27 March 2013


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I use Windows Media Player on my Acer S8 to rip music into uncompressed WAV files and it is very important to me that the album info is correct. This not a problem when Windows Media Player as it connects to the Internet and pull the information accordingly.

I have many import CD, mostly from Japan, and Windows Media Player *usually* get the album info right. I moved three of them into the Surface RT and here is my pleasant experience.

1. Music app makes you aware it is refreshing from the Library. In the past, you have to wait unknowingly what is going on and get a visible re-arrangement of the music list in the application. So, if you copied just one album, it will be an effort looking for the update. Today, you will see an indicator on the upper right hand corner.


2. Usually, the Music app also pulls album information without any user option. If it does not recognize the album, you get something like this-


With the recent update to the application, we now have a new option to get the album information, and even perform manual mapping of individual track information.



That in the end, I get the proper album information, as seen below.


This, together with a list navigation similar to Windows Phone 8, makes the updates worth it.


This is the new "Save to playlist" and "Currently Playing" screen.


While I don't really need it, this is the new on-screen volume control.


This is the new artist/album display.