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OK so i am thinking about moving totally from apple, WP8 on the way and have my surface so nearlly there, but......
My music on my PC, i use iTunes.
I was going to move it all onto a sdcard and move away from the lappy (ready for Surface pro :))
But when i copied 1 song across it plays off sd ok etc, but what happens to my play count, ratings metadat from itunes????
Is this really an option?
Is there another app option, i couldnt see one??

please help last sticking point before i ditch the fruit.

All of the metadata stays with the file, but the music app doesn't have a column for rating/playcount as of now. All of the rest of the song info (and often time the cover art) will transfer over though. As of now I'm not aware of a third-party app that supports ratings/playcount, but I would not be surprised if one is already in t
so its not really an ideal music player solution is it.
I guess i put a few tracks on sc card for now and wait for a player app, before i can ditch itunes.