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My cat ruined my SP3, Thank MS for me purchasing Replacement Warranty!


Well, I left my Titan case off my Surface Pro 3 over the weekend. I had my bag that I hold all my SP3 and accessories lying on the dinning room table. This morning I awoke to it being on the floor. It must have hit the floor at and angle. Screen is cracked from one corner all the way across the display from there. My cat is a fan of knocking things off tables. This is the biggest thing she has knocked off though. Normally it is just glasses or pens. Not a giant bag.

I am so glad I got the replacement policy!

Is there a way to turn off the touch ability of the screen? I want to backup my data and wipe it, but cracked screen seems to think there is a finger touching it in the top left corner, so it is making it difficult to access my files.

Thank you.


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Not sure it will work but try external monitor and keyboard and mouse the switch to external monitor only.
USB hub or docking station with usb kybd n mouse or Bluetooth keyboard n mouse. any combo you have. Wireless display, DP connection, or USB monitor.


You can disable the touch drivers in Device Manager