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My Plans for the Surface - Post Your's?


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I would love to use mine for productivity, but I these reservations:

Looks like I will have to use the web interface to use access the outlook server at the office. I can live with that, but the reviews I have read note that there is no pop3 support, so I guess I am relegated to using the web interface for my private email as well. Surely there will be full pop3 support at some point.

I got cold feet and cancelled my order via telephone last Friday. But I never got a confirmation of my attempt at cancellation until today - almost one week later, and noting that the order could not be cancelled. I then got a confirmtion of shipment and a tracking number, so I now have to decide whether to keep it. They also sent a return authorization. Woe is me. we shall see.


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I'll use mine for experimentation and work. I'm a pretty solid Google user on a Windows 7 desktop. When you have all your e-mail, calendar, contacts,and other data on Google, Android becomes a very compelling solution to your mobile needs. The one thing my Android devices falter in is editing Office docs. Google Docs just isn't good enough for complex documents with multiple fields.

The rest will be using it for entertainment purposes: videos, music, books & games.

My goal is to see if the RT can replace my travel laptop for light work on the go. So far I can handle the MS Office files. But I also need to do some photo editing, FTP and HTML coding as well. I already know I won't be able to do my financial tracking stuff. I'm using a legacy program for that (MS Money 2004). I haven't found a mobile solution that lets me track accounts the way MS Money does.