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What accessories do you plan to use with your Surface Pro?


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I found it. Thanks! Wipe with a lint-free cloth dampened in mild soap and water. Don’t apply liquids directly to Surface. Do this often to keep your Touch Cover or Type Cover looking great.
Normally yes, it would work. But not for this-



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I didn't even think about an extra charger, but I pictured myself having one. Probably because I have a cell charger in about every spare outlet of my house I forget!
I'm assuming the rt charger will work. I have two from my brief stint with the ft.


I dont think the RT charger will work. The battery has different rating.. :(

I plan on getting the 128 GB Pro with a type cover. Will probably end up buying a USB Hub, and Ethernet connector. Lets see what happens.


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JN --

I don't think you will regret the extra charger. Ladyfriend suggested I order 2 extra chargers, so she can leave one in her Shanghai condo as sorta back-up insurance.

I followed your lead and ordered the self-healing screen protector. Looks like a good idea for the price.

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I dont think the RT charger will work. The battery has different rating.. :(
Afy --

It might work for a slow charge. RT charger is 24W; Pro charger is 48W and 5W of that is dedicated to USB accessory charging. I'm assuming the voltage output is the same and that the connectors are interchangeable.



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I dont think the RT charger will work. The battery has different rating.. :(
I think it actually should. The battery has a different capacity but if the size and shape of the plug are the same there shouldn't be an issue. MS has already created their own charging standard and I doubt they would make a second one. Surface Pro will almost assuredly use the same 12V @ 2A charger.


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Which 64GB Micro SD Card??
Toy Man --

Not sure whom you're asking, but I will use the SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Class 10 Memory Card. I already have one in my RT, so decided to stick with the same thing for the Pro. I got it from Amazon, and it's already here waiting.

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