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What accessories do you plan to use with your Surface Pro?


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Hey guys just found this pretty good site when searching for Surface Pro Accessories. It's ironically called MicrosoftSurfaceProAccessories.com

It seems like it's being updated pretty frequently. If any of you're having trouble finding the right accessories you may want to check it out.


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Things I have that I may or may not have bought for the pro, but happen to have it

USB 3.0 external hard drive
USB 3.0 Thumb Drive
64gb Sandisk Micro SDXC
Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speakers
Bluetooth Wireless Mouse (To Spare an extra USB Port)
Cyan Touch Cover
Portable Bluetooth Keyboard for when I want to do serious typing
Minidisplay port to VGA Adaptor for projectors and monitors (Hoping a cheap one I bought online will work)

Things I thought of but decided best not to get:
-Screen protector. I generally don't like screen protectors. Since the surface pro boasts a great digital inking experience with very little gap between the glass and screen due to it being optically bonded, so I don't want a screen protector adding more gap between the digitizer and the screen. I also don't like the "privacy" screen protector that defeats the purpose of having minimal glare and excellent viewing angles. The surface rt/pro is supposed to have one of the best if not the best screens on the market in terms of viewing angles/minimal glare. Better than the Ipad and other similar products
-Folio Case. It would probably cover the kick stand and make it useless, which is one of the surface's biggest selling points. It will probably trap more heat as well. The magnesium casing should be durable enough along with the protective touch cover. I can easily just put the surface in my backpack or my laptop case. I have had my laptop for a long time and use it on the road a lot and there are almost no signs of scratches, wear, etc. I'll just take care of my surface the way I took care of my laptop.
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64GB microsd
Dual Link DVI to Mini Display Port from Apple (to drive 30" cinema display)
Pluggable USB 3.0 desktop dock

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse ( haven't decided yet)


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I want to mirror wireless display to my HDTV. Anything similar for Pro on the lines of Apple airplay?

I was looking at Xbox Smartglass, but that it not a mirror image. I really wish Surface Pro had WiDi, one thing that Samsun ATIV has over Pro


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@surface2me: considered setting up a raspberry pi with a XMBC distribution?
If you already got an Apple Airplay have a look at AirParrot - AirPlay your Mac or PC's screen to Apple TV

Please give me a feedback if you've found a way to get it working.

THings I probably will buy for my Surface Pro (depends on the fact that MS might be gracious enough to release the PRO in europe anytime soon):
- USB 3.0 Switcher for Mouse-Keyboard (Desktop/Surface)
- 1TB HDD for my external Drive
- black TouchCover
- Nokia Lumia x20 for WiFi Tethering to the Surface
- Leather / Felt Sleeve
- new Router (with USB Port and VPN possibility)

in total probably an extra half surface in €€€s


I got the following:

- Kingston 64Gb Class 10 MicroSD
- Touch Cover in Red
- Wedge Mouse
- HP Mini Sleeve - works great for Surface Pro, pen and mouse - you can find it here on Amazon