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My SB2 got mangled by hackers on orders of my ex!


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I am trying to make sense of this mess and if the book is safe to use. The hackers where in it to mess with me, not steal. Still they deleted or made unrecoverable every single email and social media account. I took the SB2 to an it guy and he Fixd it. Its been 3 weeks and my laptop sucks. It overheats, crashes constantly and a many more thing Could someone look at the event log and point me in the right direction? I'm no Einstein but the amount of red and yellow is scary. Cheers and thanks


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Do a clean sweep. Replace everything. Check OneDrive.com for your files, to make sure you've got your documents in the cloud. Then:

Reset this PC,
Remove everything.


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Agree with sharpuser...
Additionally, I looked at the PDF you posted... Did you send your device to Microsoft for repair? They just replace devices... You can confirm by checking your serial number records. It's possible the replacement device is defective. Make sure to get back to them ASAP to get that resolved if the RESET doesn't work.