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My stylus BROKE!!!

Arizona Willie

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Yesterday I had actually put the stylus in the spot where it charges to store it for awhile.

Then, later last night I just laid the stylus on a table and this morning when I picked it up I discovered that the place that holds it into the socket, that long little rectangle that sticks up from the side IS GONE!!

It's not stuck in the hole, so I figure it must have just popped off somewhere. Hope the cats don't find it. So far I haven't found it, dunno where the hell it is.

I can see some electronics inside.

Anyone else had their stylus come apart?

UPDATE: Just found the missing part. Fortunately it was on the seat of my recliner. Lucky I saw it black plastic on black leather.

It just snaps back in. Hope I got it the right way around. The two ends are different and it obviously is intended to go in a certain direction.
Now one end is depressing if I put pressure on it. Don't remember it doing that before. Must be the right way though 'cause it didn't want to go in the other way.

Pretty flimsy piece of ***t.
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Yes, it is supposed to "press"/click on the end closest to the pen tip. That is your "right-click" function.
Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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I have seldom used the stylus, so I wasn't sure about that. Looks like I got it put back together correctly.

Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing to have it pop out of there so easily. I was really lucky to find it. If I hadn't been home when it popped out, I would've been scrooed.

Yes, it is supposed to "press"/click on the end closest to the pen tip. That is your "right-click" function.

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