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My Surface Book i7... Some keys stopped working


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Hi, sorry to tell you that if some keys are not working and some other are working it is 99% hardware problem.
If you spilled something on the keyboard it could be the problem. It doesn't matter how much water (or whatever) if it has reached the contacts it spoiled them.
Solutions: you buy a new keyboard, fast but very expansive (too much).
You replace the keyboard as I did, difficult, but very cheap.
You sell your surface and buy a new one.
You use it with a Bluetooth keyboard (there is a Microsoft foldable keyboard that is very slim, it would be perfect. When my keys were not working I was using it over the original keyboard)


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Hi Luca. What method did you use to remove the rivets? I have a keyboard to remove from a broken spare base, to fit into another. They are difficult to remove I find? thanks.


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I used a very small flathead screwdriver. To help the screwdriver go under the rivet I used a small hammer. Very gently.
Once the screwdriver is under the head of the rivet, you can turn the screwdriver and the rivet comes out.
Ask if it is not clear


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OK, many thanks. I have a keyboard base from a standard Surface Book and am hoping to try and remove this to fit into mine with the Performance Base which is thicker. I've removed the black plastic backing and refitted and keyboard works fine still, so appears is just a liquid barrier. What a complete pain these keyboards are being riveted like this. A new base costs half a new Surface Book for just a couple of keys not working is rather insane lol!


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Exactly! I didn't want to pay all that money for some keys...
If you replace the keyboard remember to glue the rivets.
At first I just pressed them back with a hammer and a punch and reassembled the surface, but as soon as I started to press the keys on the keyboard the rivets came off so I had to open it again, take all the rivets out and glue them back... I used super glue


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Managed to buy a broken base (usb and battery not working) from a standard model and removed the keyboard and put into my performance base. Not easy, but it's working fine and was successful.
For anyone interested.
Remove all the keys.
Get inside the base unscrew everything, take the graphics, usb, car reader etc all out.
Heat the black plastic membrane on the keyboard back to ease the adhesive, so you can peal it back to reveal the rivets without damaging the back light.
Then pushed from the top of the keys to force the rivets out. This works really well. I used a bit of plastic with a notch so you can push around the space of the keys. Hard to explain, but the rivets are each side of each key, so a U shaped push tool makes this really easy. Just push until rivet pops.
Did the same on donor base
Then I used loctite on a paperclip, to put a blob on the rivet holes and push the rivets back in to secure the keyboard back into place.
Fit all the internal components back in and glue the back plate with battery on the base to finish.
Took about 3 hours, but for £60 was better than spending £400 on a new/used performance base.
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