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My Surface Typecover Is Not Working Properly


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I have been using my Surface Pro 6 for about 4 years now and this is the second time this has Happened. I got my Surface almost exactly 4 years ago. After about a year and a falf of usage, my original typecover stopped functioning properly and only worked when it was set flat on the table and it would not work if it was propped against the magnetic bottom area of my computer (Please refer to the images on the bottom to get a clearer understanding of what I am trying to say). After about a week and a half of this, the typecover stopped working entirely and after being frustrated after not finding any resources to get help, I decided to get it sent to Microsoft support. They then sent me a brand new exact keyboard which was covered completely by my warranty, which I have been using for the past couple of years.

Fast forward to 3 days ago, my keyboard (which I used to type this up) ran into the exact same issue to its predecessor and doesn't work when propped against my computer again. I'm afraid that my typecover would become completely obsolete awhile again. Is there a fix to this or anything I can do? Fig 1. It doesnt work when my typecover is propped up like this
Surf 1.png

Fig 2. It works when it is placed flat like the image shows.
Surf 2.png


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I have not experienced this although I don't use the typecover a lot. A long time ago I fixed computers for a living.
This sounds to me like the connection is breaking, most likely inside the flexible area of the typecover, once it breaks completely it stops working altogether but currently, it's making a connection when not flexed. In short, it sounds like a physical problem that is not easily repairable if at all.

I haven't heard of this as a common problem however, since this is the second time it's occurred I would suggest becoming aware of actions while connecting/disconnecting and handling the typecover that may be aggravating the problem. any undue stress or flexing of the connecting flange could lead to premature failure of the internal wires/leads of the connection. I would expect under the normal course of things this would flex/bend tens of thousands of times and yet somehow you have the misfortune of encountering two failures. it's either bad luck or something :confused:


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I think @GreyFox7 is diagnosing the likely error well. It could be that you are using heavy action with your hands while typing, perhaps heavier than most people type. Nevertheless, Microsoft should design the keyboard to handle any stress, if this is indeed the problem..

If you replace the keyboard again, new or used, perhaps a small book or wooden rule, or wedge of paper placed under the gap while using the magnetic edge would help.