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Intermittent Gesture Issues with TypeCover 2 on Surface Pro


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So I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue with the TypeCover 2. It's often after turning it back on from sleep and I haven't exactly tracked when it starts working again or doesn't, but it's not working right now. I think I would have to restart for it to work.

Anyway, the issue is that I tend to lose my gestures or even my touchpad/mouse pointer when coming back from sleep. It won't work at all to try and swipe from the left or the right for the multitask windows bar or the charms bar. I also can't use two finger swiping to move forward/back for internet explorer.

I just restarted the tablet and it works again. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the TypeCover 2 or the tablet itself. I'm interested in getting the Power Cover, so I might test that, since I simply don't care for backlighting.
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I'm having the same issue. I have to disconnect and reconnect my type cover 2 once or twice to get it working again. I went to the Microsoft forum and one of the techs suggested disconnecting the cover, turn the Surface off, reconnect the cover and power it back on, then search for windows updates. My Surface found a couple hardware updates and after I installed them, it's been working fine for a couple days now.