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need tips on sp3 heat and fan?


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i need help and tips on what can i do to fix the issue with the heat and loud fan blowing i only have 3 months and haven't used it extremely but when i do i run emulators to play that's when everything happens and its a powerful devise but i know there has to be a fix for this but i haven't find one i dont want to get a usb fan so any tips on why this is happening and how to east fix by the way i have a sp3 i5 4gb ram 128 gb i also have the latest intel graphics and high performance option.


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I'm not surprised the fan can kick up when using emulators. They can be very demanding. My pro 3 may be a powerful device, but it cant even emulate a 13 year old PS2 game.


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I noticed on another thread that some were saying their Defender was the cause of their fan running more. They said they switched to another virus application & the fan running dropped off precipitously along with the heating. Don't know if this will do the trick or not, but some said, "Yes!"

I do know for certain that after the May firmware update my SP3 started immediately running warmer and the fan began running more. I hadn't changed my use of the SP3 so I'm certain that particular firmware update caused it.