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Netflix issues


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I have a problem with the Netflix application.

The screen flickers randomly while watching a film and sometimes for an instant the colors get all "rainbowish" for example the faces can look like a negative photo image. This problem occors only while running on battery power. If I have the power cable plugged in there is NO problem anymore.

This issue is ONLY wih Netflix (not youtube, or other video apps) I HAVE adjusted the screen brighness to max and disabled dimming.

Is anyone experienceing the same problem with Netflix? Is there a way to adress it?

Any comments, advice or furthers questions are most appreciated.

Besides this, my Surface is fantastic!



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Sounds like you should report a bug to Netfix :D (that was a typo but appropriate so I am using it and hereby declare it copyrighted)



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Sometimes my X-box Netflix does that (I believe it's searching for a better wifi connection). All I do to fix it is close Netflix and restart it... This happned to me wihtin the last week.


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Sounds like a installation error to me. I would suggest that you delete and reinstall the application and update the OS.
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