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New Guy from Connecticut


Hello everyone. The wife and I picked up our 128 Surface Pros on Thursday and I'm looking forward to getting lots of good information from these forums.

As an aside, the MS store at Westfarms Mall got new stock of the 128s on Thursday, and they told us that they never ran out.
must be great to live in Connecticut for these type of events. If you live in California, you pretty much need to camp out for a few hours lol
Yeah, but we have to shovel snow, which I'll be doing in a little while. :(

That's why I live in SoCal. If I want to see snow I drive 1.5 hours to the mountains. It's gonna be 77F today. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your 128GB Pro!
Welcome and enjoy the new toy. I was at Westfarms the other day and stopped at the Microsoft Holiday Store to play around with the Pro for a bit. Very impressive and it made me want one. Not that I need one, but it would be nice to have.