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New Intel graphics driver


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That is because you have Intel Dynamic Contrast ratio turned on by default with Microsoft drivers. If you use my tool, you can turn it off, and problem solved.

I'm waiting until you incorporate the 273 point calibration with the Wacom Driver :)


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You can still use it to change the Intel driver setting. The software doesn't need to be on your system, nor will affect your pen calibration.
But, what I want to say is that, I am araid you'll have to wait longer. It's apprenlty "Lets move all mid terms a class before the mid term all in the same week" week.

And I have terms paper and such.. I can say when I'll have free time. Worst come to worst mid April when I'll finish with my finals.


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Hey folks--every time my SP(1) updates I get a yellow triangle on my Intel driver and my display is wonky--I have to delete the driver and reboot--that works but am back at old driver. I have tried installing the latest driver from Intel--but that won't work. Any ideas? Thanks!
If you are trying a manual driver install, you can't use Intel's .exe -- or so it is said here. You have to go into the Device Mangler, find the device, and install via .inf file.


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is there a graphics driver that supports drm? my software won't let me stream from my directv dvr because the graphics driver in my sp2 does not support drm.


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I have the same problem with my HDPrime. I'm not aware of any working graphics drivers as it's not really a driver issue. The problem is that the internal display is not considered DRM compliant (I'm told this is an MS issue). The driver works fine if displaying on an external monitor (I've tested using the DP out to both HDMI and DVI).