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Hi guys new to this forum. Purchased a SP4 in 2016. Had the battery blowout problem start in January. Had computer replaced this month, unfortunately out of warranty so cost $NZ750
I have posted elsewhere that I am having problems copying my backup files on to the new computer. Seems the file format is not recognised and can't check to see what they are.
Any clues?


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welcome @Bonriki
More details are needed about the files. What is the file format (type)? Can any other computers read the file? What DVD reader and software are you attempting to use?

It is surprising and at her suspicious that you did not choose read/write media such as an external drive, but used a CD/DVD drive.


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Hi, Im a newby as well. Have 2 Surfaces - Pro 4 and Pro 6. Cracked screens on both,. I want to send in my Pro 6 under the replacement program. when I try to register for repair/service, I get the error message (below). I live in Thailand and I bought from the online service Lazada Thailand. I don't know who my vendor is. here is the error message:
''troubleshooting details:
Request Id: dc44d793-6bca-4bcc-bbcb-cef63cf8ab00
Correlation Id: 82c80cf3-2a2a-4fea-a4df-104906fe6ae0
Timestamp: 2020-07-28T06:52:14Z
Message: AADSTS50196: The server terminated an operation because it encountered a client request loop. Please contact your app vendor.''
What is an 'app vendor' ? mine is a hardware repair issue.
thanks for any advice!!