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New Surface, but vents not blowing air


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I've just gotten a Surface Pro 3 from the Microsoft Store. When gaming, the fan gets really noisy, but the vents on the right hand side of the Surface doesn't seem to emit (almost) any air at all. It's imperceptible if I use my hand to check along the edge. I'm not quite sure if that's normal, or if there's a problem with the cooling. Does anyone else have any experience with this?


To fully understand the engineering masterpiece built into this slim-body and how and where the internal parts are located, I recommend watching this video:

As a mechanical engineering undergrad specializing in design, this is me now.


Anyway OP, it's a svelte little fan with air flow distributed in three directions, you might not be able to feel it with your fingers. You could try shredding up very thin strips of tissue paper and placing them over the upper right portion of the SP3. That, or you could try bringing your cheek up close, you might be able to feel a little warm draft.

Wanna get it to run up? Fire up Microsoft Sudoku and play a round. Gets that fan up and running good (though not at max) every time.
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Dam you weren't kidding Microsoft Soduku makes the surface hot. I wonder why, its not really a graphic intensive nor cpu intensive game.... Someone explain.


I know right?!! I couldn't believe it too the first time I tried MS Sudoku. Very CPU inefficient app perhaps?