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Name is Bill from SW Florida. I've had the SurfacePro 128GB for less than a week. So far, pretty impressed and I'm considering it for my daily driver. On the mobile front, I've been a long time iPhone user and now have switched to a Nokia 920 (white), and I also use an iPad2 a few times a week for some specific apps. My main machine to this point has been a ThinkPad T420s with Windows 8 Pro. I've been using ThinkPads for 15 years and have always been a big fan of the keyboards and the reliability. At home I also use an HP WHS.

I'm mostly of a professional user, but looking for the ideal blended experience....which is why I switched from the iPhone to the Nokia 920 and am very happy. There are a few frustrating bits on the SurfacePro that I hope to find some help with......so thank you in advance for the assistance, and I'm looking forward to contributing in any way I may.



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Welcome, Bill. You're in the right place. There are some really smart people here who are more than willing to help you. And, some of who are not quite that smart will try, too. :)

I'm in the process of setting up my second Pro, and am learning a few things I missed the first time.



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Welcome Bill. There is a lot of good information in the various threads so have a read around and hopefully you will find what you need.