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New to Surface RT and have some questions


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Hello all,
After much research, finger poking, and advice and comments from this forum I purchased the Surface RT. Using it only for only a few days now but so far I love it. We have an Android tablet and iPad in the house and IMHO the Surface is more feature rich and versatile than the others. I do have a few questions that I can't find answers to on the web.

Internet Explorer from the Modern UI: Where can I see History? Is there a Home button or method to get to Home page?

Share: There is no option to share via Bluetooth. I can go to Desktop, right Click and Send to but that is a little clunky. Is there a Share via Bluetooth? Am I missing a config item somewhere?

Tapatalk: Board Express will not work. Is there another forum App?

That's all for now. Thanks in advance.



I love my Surface RT but it is definitely a version 1.0 device. That said, it's going to get a whole lot better when Version 8.1 of Windows comes out.

The Modern UI version of Internet Explorer is limited in a number of ways. First, to keep it simple and second to keep it secure. There is no Home Button but you can "Pin" your "Home Page" to the Start Screen making it simple to get back any time you need to. A trick that doesn't come up often, slide up from the bottom edge of the screen and tap the address bar. All your pinned short cuts will appear above the bar. Scrolling to the right will show your Favorites too.

Discussions here, on Reddit, and XDA Dev are good resources for information and help. reddit.com/Surface/ has a wiki with great tips.
forum.xda-developers.com has a FAQ but there is also a list of tips that has been very helpful. Paul Thurrott on winsupersite.com has documented many of the features in Windows 8.