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New Version of Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Solves Return From Sleep Issues


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Previously, with Version 3.X of the AnyConnect client, when I woke my Surface Pro in the morning (or after any time long enough to go to deep sleep states for that matter...) the AnyConnect client would report an error and die. I'd have to restart the front end of the utility and most times it would work fine (we use the NAM or Network Access Manager portion of the software as well), but sometimes it wouldn't reconnect to our corporate WiFi without having to reset the network adapter. Well...after upgrading to the version 4.0.00051 of the client, I can say that those problems look to have been resolved now. The client doesn't die during sleep and I haven't had to repair the network connection once so far. It wasn't ever a show-stopper for me, but it's nice not having to mess with it now. Just thought I'd let folks know...