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News app question. Adding and removing featured sources


This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. Is it possible to add to or remove the featured news agencies that are on the news app? For instance, if I want to dump Sky News and add FT. Anyone know cause I can't work it out?

Thanks in advance
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If it is possible you probably have to open the app, goto Charms Bar > Settings and find it there. Or else open app and right click top or bottom of screen to see what type of menu is hiding there...
No. You can change the Country, but not the sources providing content. You have to request your content provider to talk to the local Microsoft office for inclusion.
Thanks Arnold. I had looked at all the possible options on the app already and it was bugging me. Maybe they'll release an update in the future to allow this. In the meantime I'll try the local MS office.
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I noticed that there one additional content provider when "i came back" (I temporarily set my region to USA), so asking the content provider to be listed may be a chance too.