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Question about Wordpress App


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Hi all...

I have a quick question: On my Win 7 machine, I use the Wordpress site to write on my blog. When I got the RT, one of the first apps I downloaded was the Wordpress one. Admittedly, it is very basic and some folks have suggested that perhaps it is better to write blog-posts in Word and export it to the blog concerned. Have not tried that yet. Today, for the first time, I had a few moments to try the Wordpress App and immediately I noticed a lag between my typing and the letters appearing on the app. I am sure that this is a problem with the app because I don't face a problem making posts on forums - like this one - and when working on Word etc. So, my question is this: Has anyone else use the app and can you confirm that this is indeed a problem with the app? For the record, I use the Type keyboard. Thanks in advance. Btw, also, if possible, please do suggest alternatives if available.

Edit: Nevermind, I will just use Word on the RT. It's very convenient. I just wonder how the formatting will hold up. I'll post something, verify and will report back!
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The Wordpress application is not written by Wordpress, just saying. Having said that, I have it installedmon my Acer but not really gave me the inspiration to write a blog post using that app. I also tried using Word 2013 to author a sample blog post. I found the format basic but useful.

It is still best to use the Internet Explorer to post blog entries on Wordpress or Blogger.
Yes, I see what you mean! Pity that there is no dedicated Wordpress app. I think for the moment I will stick to Word 2013. Thanks.