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No app to play .wav files?


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My answering machine emails voice messages as .wav files to me - and there is NOTHING on the Surface to play them. Strange oversight or am I missing something?


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Surface RT won't play WAV files? Sheesh! I plan on recording to WAV, maybe even editing. Such functionality aught to be there right out of the box.

PS: Navigated into [C: > Windows > Media] folder, and selected on a file with the headphones icon. By viewing its details, it shows this is a WAV file. But when I try to execute or play it, SurfaceRT tries to send me to the xbox music service! Arrgh, I have no wifi, am in Airplane Mode. Very frustrating. Surely, there is software in Surface to play WAV, because it does make sounds and those sounds are surely WAV files.
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Same issue here. my work VMs come as wav file attachments. I couldn't find an app. this may not be simple as WAV used by messaging systems are not standard. I had the same issue on my android phone and most of the music programs for android couldn't open them. I ultimately found a program specifically for opening voip wav files. hope someone comes up with an app or more full featured music program.