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No confirmation from Microsoft Store


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I bought a Microsoft Surface pro in the morning from the Canadian Microsoft Website and went through the whole process. The last page said that I will be notified on a status, but I haven't received any email from Microsoft confirming my order.

What gives? What has been the experience of others who ordered through Microsoft Store?
I'd be contacting their customer support after 24 hours if no confirmation email was received.
I ordered from the U.S. MS online store late Friday night. Got a confirmation of the whole order within 30min. of the order on Friday. Got a tracking number for the Pro this afternoon. Waiting for the other tracking for Office 2013, keyboard and screen skin.
I ordered from the Canadian store early Sat. morning, and got the confirmation quickly. Shipping notice came some hours after that.
I am in two minds. I placed the order on Microsoft Canada for 128GB Feb 9th and the site stated that a confirmation will be sent soon. However, I have not received any mails yet. Now I don't want to risk missing the next batch, and want to buy it from wherever it is available from. But I am also perplexed what if Microsoft Canada confirmation is still in the database and they charge my credit card automatically.