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No demand/interest for the SP2?


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I've had the SP2 since launch, it's a nice little device and I can see why some people would like it, but it's unfortunately not for me. I have it up for sale as I purchased a laptop.

Quite frankly, I'm shocked. I haven't had a single inquiry or request for it, despite the price ($950 for the 128GB version, type cover 2 and a case). Is there no demand for them?

And it's not only like I have it up on one site, it's up on three sites, including Kijiji and not a single bite.

So, it's either everyone only wants to buy brand new (no matter the savings) or there's just little to no interest in them, and that's disappointing.

Anyone seeing or experiencing something similar? I guess I'm just frustrated.
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The Surface Pro 2 is $999 list new, but very often can be picked up for $899 (10% off), and often it is bundled with a $40 sleeve....this is new....

Computers depreciate faster than cars....At your price I would buy new. Those who buy used want a real bargain/steal, so your bundle would need to be in the $800-850 range to see any real interest.


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Just searching on Ebay for completed listings of the 128GB SP2 will show you that of the used ones w/ a TC2 that sold, they are getting anywhere from around $500 up to around $900. If you want good resale value in a tablet, Apple is the only way to go (it's insane what you can get for used Apple products).

As much as I like my SP2, I think it only appeals to a small niche market (people that need a tablet for productivity and not media consumption) and therefore demand will never be great...


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I should have specified, Canadian.

Looked at eBay, and looked at Kijiji, and others, and my price is the lowest I've found anywhere. Also, I've never seen a SP2 bundled with a sleeve brand new in box, maybe I missed that promotion.

Either way, at $950 (which is $200 off if you got the 10% discount, or $300 if you didn't), there should be a line-up of people that want it..


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I don't know. I would get it like new. I would assume you have something faulty with the device. I would pay the difference, and get the new. PLUS, I'll get the newer revision with the fast CPU.

It could also be your listing that isn't appealing.


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I put mine up for sale after my first replacement with a TON of extras + extended warranty and all kinds of stuff 256/8gb model. I put this up when these were sold out and didnt get one hit from craigslist lol...

Apple is only thing that holds a good resale value - I sold my Macbook air that was over a year old for $800.00 and that was with 10 hits off CL in first few days.


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I'd agree with the others, your price is too high to get much interest. I realize not what you want to hear, but used tech just never holds its value. If I was going to expect to sell mine, I'd price it $600-700 usd including the TC2... otherwise people will just buy a new one in my opinion; I sure would. I haven't looked at the market however as I won't be looking to sell mine until a SP3 is announced... and by then I'm sure I'll have to price it even cheaper as the used market will be flooded with others looking to do the same.

I typically sell my laptop yearly and upgrade, usually expecting to lose about 50% value in that year. I see no reason why the Surface line should be much different.


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People who can afford to pay 800$ to buy a surface pro2 - could technically push and get the brand new SP2 for ~1000$, crossing over to Buffalo.
SP1 at 500$ brand new is also taking over the bargain hunter market. In all it is a bad time to sell a SP2. Wait till the SP1 craze has completely died down. Its still the best touch tablet out there - I am surprised you managed to move back to a trackpad because i am so used to the touchscreen, when I go back to my MBA I start flicking and tapping the screen :S
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This is disappointing. Not a single response at $900.

Keep lowering your price until it sells if you want cash immediately. Otherwise, drop it some and wait...

And I wish mods would change the title to: I can't sell my Surface Pro 2. Current one is too provocative, IMO.
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