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No demand/interest for the SP2?


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Keep lowering your price until it sells if you want cash immediately. Otherwise, drop it some and wait...

Exactly, well this goes for any product someone is trying to sell. I'd lower it slightly before any information about the Surface Pro 3 comes out because then you're really going to struggle!


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Put it on eBay with a starting price of $1 and a reserve of around $800. It will sell. I got $775 for my first gen SP. The only problem with this, of course, is that you will get hosed by eBay and PayPal fees.... not to mention the cost of insured, trackable shipping. All those together cost me almost $200. In the end, I'd been better off to just list it low on Craigslist.


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Craigslist is certainly a better way to avoid the fee hit, though naturally that has its own risks.

If you're going on eBay, one thing I do is check all the previously sold devices and their price ranges. Like the others say, though, you have to be more aggressive in pricing so someone like me won't think "why should I go used when I can pay a bit more for new?" And on top of that, the longer you let something sit at a high price, newer models will come out and significantly reduce your resale value as well.
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I suspect you have a 4200U processor and the new versions are 4300U (leaving aside that MS is goofing up the orders for such right now). So your 1.6GHz is overpriced at even $900 in some peoples view for the current 1.9GHz version at $1000...and for that general price I can get a 8/256 vice a 4/128. Sorry dude, I think you overpriced.