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No hd video on YouTube

I have a problem with the modern ui Internet Explorer. The browser doesn't play hd videos anymore. When I switch to hd the YouTube player turnes black and nothing happen. On other sites i can watch hd videos. Has someone a solution for this?


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I think to fix it you need to put it in full screen mode when selecting HD. It is a change that Google implemented and it is impacting all of my Windows 8.x machines.


I have done every update and my bandwidth is also OK. When I change the resolution, YouTube sets the resolution automatically to 240p and stops playing the video. With Firefox and desktop ie everything works fine.


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A few things that might be worth trying:

Set your preferred player on YouTube to html5 YouTube

Reset IE: start desktop IE, Tools>Internet options>Advanced click Reset (requires restart)

From desktop IE,Tools>Internet options>Advanced scroll down to Multimedia and ensure that "Enable alternative codecs in HTML5 media elements" is checked (requires restart).

Hope this helps


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Another thing that might impact this is if you've installed the generic Intel Video Driver....