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Youtube freeze in IE


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Hi there, just got my surface pro 2 128gb yesterday and it's really nice so far :)

I am having an issue, when I search videos on youtube or just visit the site, it will freeze for a moment and then unfreeze again. Everything Works fine except for that tab during this youtube freeze period. Can't click any videos or anything, just have to wait for it to unfreeze which takes maybe a minute or more. When it finally unfreezes it takes a short while before it does the same thing again. I have checked that I am using the latest version of internet Explorer, I have tried a few Things that came up on Google but nothing helped.

Anyone have a clue on why it's doing this?

I'd rather not use firefox etc. because it doesn't have touch support like IE does. :)


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Im having similar trouble with youtube as well. randomly freezing and a bit glitchy. Ive been using mine pretty hardcore and it seems like slight bugs likes this are all over the place. Most times reopening or restarting fixes the problems. still very annoying. Im hopeful this stuff is all software and will slowly he fixed over the coming months.


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Well it doesn't really occur so often when watching videos but when browsing, and restarting IE doesn't work either. However I have downloaded a youtube app from the Windows store which Works just fine :)