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no internet on wifi

captain scarlet

New Member
hi all,

I recently purchased a Surface Book 3 (13.5", 32 gig RAM, I7) - and I am also using the Dock 2 for ethernet connection. However I seem to be having erratic net connection issues. First up, when connected via the ethernet, I am able to browse the web and receive emails via outlook and do many things - but some apps report that there is no internet connection. These apps are Spotify, MS Maps and maybe a few others that i have yet to find (interestingly, while spotify reports no internet, Tidal does work ok).

I manually switch on wifi and connect to my wifi network but sometimes, when connected to the wifi, the surface book reports that there is a network connection but no internet - that is, i can see and navigate the internal network but cannot get out into the big outside cyber world.

I have to restart the computer with wifi turned on for it to sometimes get an internet connection.

i am most peeved/annoyed that the switching between ethernet and wifi is not seamless and i have to do a reset. Is that normal?

Secondly, why are some apps reporting no internet connection when i am on ethernet and obviously able to browse the net and receive email?

Anyone else experiencing the same problems?