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My WiFi-Ethernet stats with screen shots


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I have followed a lot of discussions about WiFi speeds but haven't noticed a lot of details or photos showing where or how they got their stats. I thought I'd post what I came up with for what is throughput - speed of connection to a router & bandwidth - speed of Internet connection from the router. The stats and photos below came form my SP3 i7 8 gig 512 gig computer. These tests were performed by logging into my network where I work. The network is shared by about 100 people, most of which or connected via Ethernet.

Ethernet to router speed: Ethernet connection 8-13-2014 10-58-43 AM.jpg
Router to Internet speed via Ethernet using Ookla Internet speed test: Internet Speed Test - Ethernet mb connection 8-13-2014 10-57-42 AM.jpg
WiFi to router speed: WiFI spped 8-13-2014 11-05-27 AM.jpg
Router to Internet via WiFi using Ookla Internet speed test: Ool;a Internet Speed Test - WiFi 54 mb connection 8-13-2014 11-03-41 AM.jpg
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Just so I understand this, the first screen shot is speed from an Ethernet cable to the internet and the second is speed from wireless to the internet?


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The first two are taken while hardwired to the router (actually first through a switch) with one being the speed of the computer to the router and the other being the router to the Internet. The second two are taken while connected via WiFi to the router.

ctitanic - I assume your router is a gigabit so if you looked at the speed with a cable connection to your router you would see 1000 mb, right?

I'm going to get these same stats with my Surface at home. I'm not even sure what my router speed is but I'll find out by cabling directly to the router. I'll also get the router mfg & model.