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No left clicking (using the pen)


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I've been using a Surface Pro 4 for some time. However I never had any use for the pen, so never paid much attention to it.
However, now I have seen that I could actually use it, but I seem to have a greal deal of problems with it.

I have paired it, and it does react to what I do, but there seems to be some settings that's not as I want it, I just can't find it. If I for example try to use paint, and point at the screen, I do see the icon of the pen going around, but it reacts just as if I was moving a mouse over it (without holding a button).
If I am in some program, I can the focus from one button to another, but it's not possible to select the button.
In the surface app, is an area where I should be able to test the pen sensetivity. Just as with paint, I can move the mouse around, and see a cursor, but I'm not able to "draw" anything in the square (which I should be, according to various youtube videos).
If I enter the "Pen and touch" settings, Single tap is set to be a single click.

Does anyone have any suggestions, as to if there is some settings that's set wrong, or if I am doing something wrong?