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Docking Station - Annoying Morning Ritual


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Hi All,

I use my SP3, running Windows 10, as my primary device. I have the docking station and have two monitors connected to it. One through the mini-hdmi port and another using a usb VGA device from iogear.

Every morning I have to do the same thing to get both external monitors to work.
Dock my SP3 and power it on.
One monitor will work, the other will not.
I have to unplug the power from the docking station for one minute (found this online)
Plug the AC back in and then both external monitors will work the rest of the day
Now, the taskbar on the external monitors do not auto hide so I have to go to the properties of the taskbar, uncheck auto hide, apply, check auto hide, apply and then all is good...until the next morning where this happens all over again.

In the grand scheme of things, it is a minor annoyance and the rest of the day goes great, and I love my SP3, but it would be great if I could just dock and go.

Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this? Known issue? Fixes?

Thank all!


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Welcome to my world... I have two DELL Displays connected with daisy chain and every morning i have to power cycle the displays and connect them directly to my Surface (Dock will not work at all, because the displays are not compatible with the dock (microsoft says)).

This Dock is horrible... Will test the new dock as soon i can get my hands on it, but i am not optimistic...



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Strange. I have 2 DELL monitors connected with daisy chain to docking station and every morning I just put my surface to docking station and everything works.
Experienced only one problem: skype does not switch to external micro (I have webcam connected to docking) and I need to restart skype or change micro manually, but the problem is on skype side and, I hope, will be fixed soon.

Note that I use intel drivers installed manually instead of drivers from microsoft.


have you ever gone into display settings and checked to see if the monitor was set to "disconnect this display" instead of "extend desktop to this display"?