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Notes from a long time Surface user


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As a long-time Surface user (since Surface 3), I am going to go on a (modified) rant here (but I'll be nice, I promise). I hope this will be of use to anyone considering purchasiing a Surface. I want to say at the outset, the Surface is a computer that I hate to love. When they work, they are amazing machines. But way too often, they simply don't work as promised, and I don't think, for myself, that it's a viable option to continue pouring money into them until the flaws are worked out. To continue:

I have owned Surface 3s, 4s, 5th generation, and Surface Pro 7s. I currently own two 5th generations and a Surface 7. Over the years, Microsoft has supplied me with six replacements for these computers, for varying reasons (including an swollen batter [Surface Pro 4]). Currently, my 5th generation, which is out of warranty, has a battery life of about 20 minutes, even though it was rarely used on battery. Microsoft wants U.S. $450 to send me a used replacement. My Surface Pro 7 has no working touch (we've established it's a hardware issue), so essentially I have a an expensive laptop. The issue began while the computer was under warranty, but I am out of the U.S. and because of Covid was unable to return the computer during the warranty period. Microsoft will not do anything because the computer has been out of warranty since June. I guess that means another $450 to get a working Surface 7. One of the Surface keyboards has completely decayed and is unusable.

I am not saying you shouldn't buy a Surface. What I am saying is that you need to consider the pitfalls. Tiny and slim is good, but it also leads to many problems: overheating, shortened battery life. The newest Surface tablets have a single standard USB port and one USB C port, yet Microsoft says not to use peripheral equipment. The newest Surface dock has only two standard USB ports (yes, they do have USB C now, but beware, there are many reports of problems with USB C cables and Microsoft will catch you on that. If you have other problems, Microsoft support will attempt to pigeonhole your issues: Is your computer plugged into a strip or directly into the wall? What's the right answer? Neither. They will constantly push the problem back to you. And when all else fails: reset. As if your time is worth nothing.

Really, I would love to continue using Surface computers. But honestly, I've given it my best shot and I think it's time to call it quits. Thanks for listening.


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Update: Since I wrote the above remarks several days ago, Microsoft has reconsidered and will now let me swap out my one year old (plus one month) Surface Pro 7 for a new (reconditioned) one. They will not exchange the 5th generation unit however, saying it is too old, despite the dismal battery life.


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I read your post and sadly I have to agree with it. It is really the device you love to hate.

I had 6 Surface 3 (non pro) devices! All sent in with the same defect over time. No solution ever, just replace it.
I have owned 4 (I think) Surface Pro 2017devices all with bright spots (have more than enough threads on it here). My current one also has bright spots but it is out of warranty and I don't want to go through the trouble anymore.

My brother was a long time Surface Pro user bought a Surface Book 3 top of the line! First boot: overheating and other issues. Got it replaced and immediately similar issues popped up. Sent it back and went for a Dell XPS 13 instead.

If they do a little bit of additional quality control it can be REALLY beneficial for the brand!


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The Surface Book 2 15" (I have two) continues to be a reliable machine for me over several years. On the expensive side, but apparently on the quality side, too.


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Good to hear! I still do love my Surface Pro 2017 Advanced LTE and I am still hoping my company will switch to VDI/Windows 365!