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Occasional flickering white line in Modern UI IE 11?


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Still waiting on my Ativ Q but in the meantime have noticed that occasionally in Modern UI IE 11 I get a 1 pixel high flickering white horizontal line when scrolling. It is odd because it only seems to appear on certain web pages but it is never the same ones. If I surf to another page the flickering stops. Have Googled this but doesn't appear to be a widespread problem.

Any ideas? 8.1 issue? GPU going bad? Web page coding issue?

I plan on giving this to my GF and would prefer it to be perfect.
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My SP is on 8.1 too, but never had the issue you described. What version of the Intel HD graphic driver you use?
Yep, occasionally get this. If this isn't fixed by RTM, I'd be amazed.

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