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Occasional Slow Boot-Ups?

Sir Face

New Member
I have a new Surface 2 and so far I'm pretty well pleased with it overall but on several occasions it seems the have gotten hung up in the boot up process. The Surface logo appears but the little dots just keep going round & round. I finally just held the start button down till it shut down and then re-started it and it booted up fine. Oddly enough, each time this occurred, the Surface 2 was somewhat physically cold and hadn't been booted for several hours. What do you think, hardware or software, or just a "what the hell"?


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Mine does that too and I have to hold the volume-up & power buttons for a while until I see the Surface logo. Often when this happens, the Surface logo flashes but nothing happens and I have to press the buttons a 2nd time -- never more than twice is required though. Very annoying when it happens, something one hopes will magically be fixed in a firmware update...