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more weird problems: black screen on boot / wake from hibernate


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gah! this is the most weird thing ever.

melodrama aside - recently the screen will sometimes do either of the following:

1) when hibernating and I press the power button, the unit will turn on (the touch Windows button will vibrate the unit or the keyboard backlight will light up) but the screen stays black
2) the screen will show the Surface boot-up logo (the spinning dots) normally but then fail to transition to the login screen and just stay black.

I usually have to hold the power button for 15s to turn the thing off and then when I turn it on again it will boot up ok. I've checked the Windows reliability monitor but all it says is 'windows did not shut down properly'.

note that this ONLY happens when waking up from hibernate. has this happened to anyone else? thanks again!

I get this issue also, it just happened to me 10 mins ago when i booted up my Surface Pro 3 and walked off, I came back to it a short time later and it was a black screen with the mouse cursor moving around, unable to get any visual screen elements on or login screen at all.

I had to force a hard reset with the power button held down.

I checked this hyper-v as mentioned and that isnt enabled.

Anyone got an further solution?
Its happened a few times now.



I looked further on, because the symptoms came back.
I was using Chrome Canary 41 and VLC. Removed them both yesterday. So far so good, no more problems since.
I use StumbleUpon, which is, I think, an app which is using Adobe Flash. If I see the problem again, I will remove Adobe Flash trying to narrow the problem.


Thought I was just doing something wrong by keeping the Pro in the docking stand and not shutting it down, but now I see others are having the same issues?! Also, seems to take forever to move from the picture-based sign-in screen, before it goes black.

Trying to cleanup, and then go from there. Taking its good old time.....


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@Gerke : Could you please explain why VLC could be the problem ? I am very interested because I am using VLC too and I had black screen on boot one time.

Thank you.


I did remove vlc before. The problems were gone. I reinstalled vlc and the problem is back. So i removed vlc again and wil test a bit longer


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I just uninstalled VLC from my Win8.1 drive and I still get the black screen when I try to boot to Win10.
Not sure how VLC would cause this problem, but maybe my problem getting black screen booting to Win10 has a different cause. (Never had VLC installed on Win10 setup/drive).