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New Boot Problem


I was just about to create a new topic, but you fine folks already have a post on the same issues I'm having.
My goal is...desktop, laptop and Android or iPad replacement.
One device for all.

When the tablet is left on...everything is great. Sleep, ok. When I go to shut down...I also have to turn it on off the dock, wait for it to finally boot then put it on the dock.
Of course, then I need it to pick up the LAN adapter and ignore the WiFi.. I made sure the LAN is first in binding order.

I can get past the single DPI setting and make due, but I should be able to shut down, then plug into my dock and power it on.
I've had it for a week. I've tried two different docking stations at work and already a full system refresh/reset.
Made sure any and all updates are done. I also installed the firmware first, then the remainders.

Keeping an eye on this thread.

(SP3, i5, 4GB and 128GB)